Green Acre Tennessee

My place has been a building project and family home for over 10 years but now I am hoping to create an artist retreat and storybook garden that reflects my whimsical and artistic style. This is a good opportunity for those who don't mind being physical and also have a creative side.

My home houses my "in home artist studio" that has been met with some recent changes and I need to organize and create a place for artists to come and relax and create. The volunteers can help me create this space and also enjoy the surrounding area on their days off. The volunteers can expect to be integrated into our daily activities starting their day off with hot coffee/tea, a quiet breakfast on the porch or in front of the fireplace weather permitting then chat about the projects to come. Days start easy and slow and work may pick up later in the day. If the volunteer is an early riser, they can enjoy walks in the woods or down by the lake nearby. The property is quiet and the family is low key.

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