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Volunteers will have the opportunity to experience off-grid living with solar power and spring water supply. It is a lifestyle with a small footprint on the planet. There are always jobs to be done,

I love to cook and share good food with my helpers. Volunteers are treated as family. I have hosted numerous helpers in the past 12 years and it has been a mutually beneficial experience


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I spent a week at both of her properties doing tasks such as rock removal, light gardening, tidy/sorting, raking leaves, and other tasks. You were definitely busy but she made sure to give you breaks. I do wish I had one complete day off to recover instead of working every day, but the hours did add up to a little over 25 for the week so it balanced out. She also took me into Katherine a few times to community events which was fun. Food was great & tasty! One thing- if you have a major frog phobia like me, just know there are a LOT that hop around so just think if you can truly endure them!

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Gaye is a wonderful host who immediately made me feel welcome. The tasks were varied and rewarding and she was more than happy to share her skills and stories and included me in all the town life around Katherine and Pine Creek. The food was delicious and I had plenty of time to explore or relax in the surrounding nature. Thanks for such a lovely experience in the Territory !

23 dias atrás



Gaye is a friendly and charming person. She received us friendly and offered us dinner in the company of her friends. It was a nice meeting. Unfortunately Gaye's profile photos do not match the location of her farm. She should be specific about the images of each place she offers.
In our case we did not feel comfortable in the spaces designated for rest and we left

2 meses atrás

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I absolutely loved staying with Gaye at Green Valley! Her cooking was amazing every day. The housing was cozy and isolated from the rest of the farm which was lovely to have your own space. Just get used to seeing spiders! Her dog Dolly is an absolute cutie. I can’t recommend coming to stay there enough!

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I was lucky enough to stay with Gaye over Christmas and New Years. She took me with her to meet her family and made sure to include me in every activity possible. Outside of the holidays she also took me swimming with her friends and made sure that I met so many different people. The work was physical but not too hard and she always made sure that I was okay with what I was doing, drank enough water and took breaks. The food at her place was also amazing Gaye is a great cook and I truly enjoyed every meal she provided. And all of the food was very healthy and filling.

5 meses atrás

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