Gut Boltenhof

At Gut Boltenhof, we welcome any person - guest, team member, volonteer, visitor looking forward to make new encounters, aquaintances, friends. Being in the middle of nowhere (even if only 1 hour from Berlin), we wish to give our guests a moment of peace in a loving surrounding. That comes from our hearts. As we know that giving is only working properly when receiving as well, we highly appreciate the perfomance of our team and volonteers, and in addition to all the work on Gut Boltenhof, we would like to value the leisure time value of our employees and voloteers just as much as that of our guests and would like to do our part to increase this value. As a place to work and live, we believe Gut Boltenhof has the power of creating some very nice memories of your work&travel trip.

We are a familiy run business in 2nd generation. We work hard everyday because we believe in creating a better place of vacation in the present, a place of vacation that one day will become a better future village on the grounds of an old 18th century manor. Doing the best we and our team can, we share the idea of a loving welcome, of creating beautiful holiday memories for our guests and of supporting one another while at work as well as if one of has a private matter. As a volonteer, you will be a member of our team - it´s that easy.

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