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I applied to stay together with my friend. But when I arrived, I had to go to another hostel with no breakfast even though we told the manager immediately that this was not agreed upon. However, he does not do any compromises and during work he treats you as if you were a child who does not know anything and is very unfriendly. The hostel itself is safe but the neighborhood not so much because there are many homeless people. My friend even got threatened by a group on her way to a store. However, on the other hand, the hostels are clean and the other volunteers were really nice.

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The place is very nice, clean and organised. The tasks were very easy, including reception and cleaning.
The down side was the hours we have to work (almost 40h per week) for a shared room. But I hope they are going to change it. In general it was a cool experience for me!

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At H you work 40 hrs a week little flexibility. ATM minimum wage is 13.25 in CA(530/wk). At peak, a bed in H is approx 320/wk. that 16 hrs extra you to work or told to get out(not me). But that's not the worst part. The host does not acknowledge you(he greeted me once in 6.5 weeks), the manager lacks empathy and does not take respectful criticism very well. 1 bathroom for 24+ people, minimal space for groceries. I could go on and on but it's a reason that the other volunteers left early. The hours and task might not be such a problem if you felt appreciated and not like an indentured servant.

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The worldpackers is a site for volunteers, it isn't for a job.
We offer our volunteers accommodation, meals, laundry, internet in exchange for a work.
It was absolutlry a negative experience to work with Ashley.
We argreed to provide her stay, meals, laundry for two months at our property.
But after 1 month in one day she said, she would leave the property tomorrow without any expeptions, dispite she had the admin shift for the next day. In our point of view she IS NOT resposnsible person, and its difficult to count on her as her behaiviar is unpredictable and frivolous. She is not team plaayer.



H California is a place that made me learn a lot about dealing with people and reacting to different situations. I help them with 2 shifts at the reception for 17h with 1h break and 1 shift as a housekeeper for 6h. Basically it's 3 days in the week and I have 4 days off. The management requires commitment to the rules and to the tasks you have to do, so if you're not hard working I wouldn't reccomend this place. If you're willing to learn and patient to do everything accordingly to what was asked, this is going to be an amazing experience, like the one I'm having here.

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