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I am sorry I started shutting down for the the winter due to Winter came early this year. I haven't had that much interest this year. Lots of no shows etc. So decided to close early. I will start again middle of May if interested in next year. Great place to learn about earthships, off grid living, construction, what works what doesn't. Great view, hiking etc. I accommodate with your food diet, I eat anything but with the many books on vegan, vegetarian, gluten free I am open kind of food diet.

No staff just a man living off the grid trying to survive with the abundance that is out there for one to do something with it. I have one dog she is the world to me. Someday hope to have fish, chickens, etc. My main goal is to build a community of like minded kind souls that want to create a wonderful etopia like setting with food forest, huge garden, root cellar with canning, pickles etc. The house is mostly built I just need to fill it up with great people that want to learn, teach, be happy.

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I love this place. There is always a great view, of the mountains, in the day and, the stars, at night. The host is a really hard worker and is very accommodating to new and experienced travellers. I've learned a lot from the Host and from his expansive book collection. I definitely want to come back next year. - Cam

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