Happy Healing Home

For those who want to learn about Buddhist old teaching and Lanna culture, we welcome you with open arms. We work meaningful jobs, eat farm grown sustainable food and enjoy traditional music everyday. All this will be shared with you and we guarantee that you will learn more that you can imagine.

We live our lives according to the Lanna cultural way. Lanna culture as been around for more than 7 centuries and it has deep roots in The Northern Thailand communities and most importantly in Happy Healing Home. We treat our volunteers like family because we accept those who accept our culture and our way of living.


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Great homecooked meals

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If even a small part of yourself is urging you to take this adventure, please trust yourself, and go for it! Happy Healing Home is everything it says it is and more. With that said, I don't want to say anything more to spoil it for you, other than I am feeling 11/10 even after I have gone :D

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I really enjoyed my stay at Happy Healing Home, I planned to stay a week but ended up staying longer. I learned a lot about sustainable farming, Lan Na traditions, cooking and music. It's also a good place to get in touch with eastern philosophy and Buddhist teachings. If you are open and eager to learn and show some initiative you can learn a lot and have a great time with Pinan Jim and Pinan Tea.

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I ended up leaving early, but not from Pinan, he seemed great and the area seemed very beautiful. I was just very overwhelmed and tired upon arrival from flights and mishaps, I felt it was unfair to Pinan because I knew my first morning waking up I was going to be unable to work. I wish happy healing home well !

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It was the best food I've had! Very fun and you definately learn a lot!

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