Happy Reception

We are currently two projects: 1. The Warehouse Cooperative a brand new business on the South Bay of the Lisbon River (Cacilhas) consisting of Mexican Restaurant and Bar, Escape Rooms, Coworking Space, Drinking Games Bar and Events/Cultural/Arts Space. 2. Haus di Locos - a Surf and Party Hostel close to one of the best surf spots (São Pedro do Estoril). We want our guests to feel free and unwind with us, enjoying our daily activities and events inside the hostel and to of course, party with us. We love to host people from all around the world, to show them new experiences, hook them up with other travellers and to share new experiences together.

My name is Alex, I graduated with a Business Management degree in Australia and had been working in finance before I decided to pack my bags and travel the world. I came to Happy Reception in October, 2016 as a volunteer, fell in love with the place and the projects and never left. I love PEOPLE, love to learn from different nationalities and always want to see people happy around me.

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Muito boa.

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some("It was my first worldpackers experience, despite it was not my first volunteer experience, and I can say it was great. \nAlex and Tiago they are friendly, fun and pratical. \nThe tasks and hours was easy and simple, even not having interaction with people, once it was cleaning, but it gave me time to enjoy and do a lot of other things on my extra time. \nMy roommates, THEY ARE THE BESTS. I think we became friends. Respect and good vibes made very easy to share the room with them. I\'ll miss that. I do recommend.")

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Boa noite,

Desorganizados, gerente sem tempo para nada,quartos dos voluntários super sujo, longe de Lisboa do outro lado do Rio em Almada ..fotos do site não são as mesmas da realidade.Dividir banheiro com 7 pessoas , não tem ninguém que faça a limpeza. . Não recomendo. .muita exploração. ..e nenhuma atenção.e explicação. .

3 meses atrás

Tiago respondeu

Hi Cintia,
Actually part of your job was cleaning. In addition to everything I had many detailed and long whatsapp conversations with you about where you would be living, who you would be living with and what you would be doing. No worries.... everyone else who volunteers with us has a great time and nothing but positive experiences to share!! All the best.


Alex and Tiago were amazing to me, helpful and easy going all the time. I felt like home. The atmosphere with the others workers was really great, I made good friends over there I am excited to get back there one day.

4 meses atrás


My experience at Sunshine Cosy Rooms was amazing! During my stay I could see the guesthouse getting more organized and improving itself as it is the begining of the business. I had the opportunity to work with great people from different countries and during my free time I was able to enjoy Lisbon as a local. This was my first time with the Worldpackers and it was an incredible experiece that I recommend for everyone.

2 anos atrás

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