Hekima Community Organization

This is a small NGO settled in rural Bukoba. Our focus is on the empowerment of the children and adolescents suffering from abuse, poverty, and exclusion. Our target groups are adolescent girls as well as children living on the street. Together we try to change the often unbearable living conditions of our clients. Furthermore, we cooperate with local schools, social welfare officers, and other NGOs.

Bukoba is a beautiful city on Lake Victoria with cool weather and attractive places for tours such as Musila Island, Akiba game reserve, Kabwala beach, and Catholic Cathedral. We are easily reachable by bus from Kampala, or by flight or bus from Dar Es Salaam. They will make new friendship, visits new historical sites, learn native Tanzanian culture include food, languages, clothing, housing, and ceremonies. They might pick up some Swahili! We are working on a new program with traditional dance so volunteers will have some unique opportunities. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to improve their skills related to working with a non-profit such as program development and grant writing. We will be happy to provide letters of recommendation to our volunteers

Jambo my name is Chui am the founder and executive director of Hekima Org, am working bise with my colleagues who are local and international volunteers, they are good people with skills, they play fantastically in their position to ensure the organization reaches its goals time. Accommodation : Volunteers/interns will be able to stay in the same house with a host family where everyone has separate rooms. Currently, we have two rooms for accommodation one is sharing (same gender) and another is private. The house inside has the bathroom is shared with other people in the accommodation. Food: Normally we take care of the volunteers/intern whenever they are in the home or office with a full 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) vegetarian meals are also available. We offer locally available, fresh, and nutritious food in meals healed together with other volunteers and people working at the project as well as children. Please let us know in advance if you have a special restriction so we can have a look at it for you. Bukoba is rich in natural varieties of food, at our center is very rare to have European dishes. Volunteer /intern will be companies to the local market to buy food and prepare as they wish when they are working with us.

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