Hello City Hostel Seattle

We are in the heart of Seattle , home of grunge music and amazing jazz! The food scene is off the charts amazing! HelloCityHostelSeattle is a creative art hostel with every room mural by a local artist. Our volunteer community connects directly to the creative pulse of Seattle and we are an adventurous bunch . You can walk to EVERYTHING from our location. We also love the great outdoors . Summer in Seattle in one of the BEST PLACES in the world!

We talk about family often . We have a big sit down "FAMILY DINNER", outside of our hostel events, just for staff only, once a month just to connect and inspire! We try to connect with each one of our team on an individual basis and try to uplift each other with positive talk and action. We always ask to be kind to ALL, and expect it in return. If you have a like mind, you are simply...perfect!

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