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PROFILES We are a real non-profit organisation registered with the French government. We operate our projects as an open community of responsible citizens. We are independent and self-sustained. We do not offer jobs here, only volunteer experience in an authentic "learning-by-doing" social-entrepreneurship project dedicated to common good. There are two places where you can apply with us: Hello Marseille "Guesthouse" and Hello Marseille "Sharehouse". Check the "Join-us" page on our website for information. As a knowledge based community, we are looking to share our time and energy with serious persons who are themselves really motivated by "soft transition" matters. We don't ask for specific diplomas or experience, but for a serious motivation, maturity and a peaceful mind. Usually we prefer persons who have an interest in humanities like anthropology, sociology, psychology etc… or who want to get involved into sustainable development learning the necessary skills and concepts. Hello Marseille can become your home away from home to experiment sustainable development and community building. Located in the very center of Marseille, in the famous "Vieux Port" area. It's a safe and lively surrounding close to pubs, historical places and 7 min bike from the beach. If you are a young traveller/student, self-motivated, self-responsible and with good social skills you can join our reception team for several months in Marseille and later get involved in many other projects we develop. You can also enjoy being in the oldest city of France to learn French and discover the great nature we have around. Note: beware that if you don't come in a genuine spirit of contributing to common good project, it will not fit. We are not like places focused only on freedom, we also ask you for real responsibility sharing within your team. STATUSES Here are the different legal statuses we manage to get for our volunteers. We try to promote the ones that will give each person the best conditions. If you are able to have one of this statute, or If you have or hear of better solutions, let us know. Benevolants Volunteers VSC : Volontaire Service Civique EVS: European Voluntary Service VOLUNTEERING with us as a Multitask Receptionist (6 positions, 3 months minimum) The volunteer is a "team player" person fully responsible for running the reception during his agreed hours. He represents the entire community as the key contact point for connecting members to our projects and creating a friendly atmosphere. Criterias: Age: 18-35 years old EU residents or persons with students status or working permit, international tourists with regular visa IDEAL FOR: ChangeMakers, social activists, young social entrepreneurs, students, travellers stop-by, "City Woofing". Joining our community is your own free commitment. We ensure good pedagogic surrounding, insurance, administrative support and training. You also get food vouchers, laundry and accomodation in volunteers' dormitory. NOT SUITABLE for persons looking for a pay job or a solitary nest.

In our place you'll be treated as a responsible adult coming to help a sustainable community grow it's impact to the surrounding society. Beyond your commitment to the project (4-5h.day in average) you can connect to our projects, our network of partners and the local culture in Provence. We will ask you to jump in a culture of change that we develop through shared knowledge and best practices, where everybody can experiment what it is to work altogether the same with an objective of social impact and ecologic care. It's a great opportunity to learn about many topics in an multi-cultural environment. If you are not ready to give and receive, if you come temporarily just for an easy place to stay or if you come to take but not to share ... you will not be happy in our place so please think carefully before you decide to join.


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BE CAREFUL! Since the first day i arrived the volunteers were talking bad about the manager. There is not healthy breakfast and no french courses, even if you can manage to find a school, you will not have time to go bcs of the timetable. I travel from Mexico to help there one day they kicked me out, they didn't care if i had a place to sleep that night, that happen also to another 4 people, that one day they become homeless in a foreign country and maybe without resources to pay the accommodation. I came back after two months and people continued expressing bad about the manager.

11 meses atrás

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Sorry dear visitors, we had to ask Abimael to leave because he was dihonest with the other volunteers and abusing them. For example he was changing the team planning in hidden to let the other volunteers more work and saying it was our management team doing this.

After several lies and general meetings where he was still not willing to open himself and make peace with the growing conflicts it was provoking, we had to confront him in front of witnesses to protect other volunteers.

We highly recommend not to take him in any volunteering, and kindly ask our visitors on this website not to hesitate contacting us and make their own image of our work.

Kind regards,


An experience to carry for life. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to have a rich and meaningful experience living in France!

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Thank you Mariana!

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