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Well, I am not a very traditional host, I won't treat you like my worker but more like an apprentice of life :-). You will learn about another culture, learn better conversational English, be in a safe and friendly environment where difference is embraced and have plenty of time to do your own thing

I appreciate spending my time with people who want to learn more about this strange and wonderful planet we all occupy. I get on with people who care about others and want to learn more about themselves. I have learnt a lot from my time hosting people and this journey continues. I consider myself a well-educated person and believe that life is a continual learning experience, I like listening to the music of most genres, watching a good movie, writing, and watching documentaries. I am interested in environmental sustainability, current affairs, psychology, history, politics, philosophy and technology. I have a good sense of humour, I like to share a joke and tell a story. I like to laugh and of course to have as much fun as life allows me. I run my own business and I mostly work based from home. I live here with my partner Joe and we have been together for many years, he is a good person and is also an experienced traveller. We are not traditional people and accept people from any background who are not ignorant :-) If you have any questions, then please just ask directly as I am always available to have a chat with you and like to make sure everything is clear before any decisions are made. I prefer honest, loyal, independent and free-thinking people, who are coming here for true cultural exchange and to meet new people. If you haven't done this before, I know it is a big deal. I travelled and lived abroad when I was younger. I would much prefer people to come here with the right expectations, so I will always respond to all messages and I am more likely to message you positively if you take the time to read my profile.


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I think it was an excellent experience although my stay was very short and I would definitely like to repeat with better English to be able to share much more with Andy and Joe. I shared with very nice people who make you feel like family and also have the opportunity to live with the local culture and learn new things, well overall a very good experience and I am very grateful to Andy for the opportunity.

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Even though this was only my first cultural exchange, I have the impression that such kinds of experiences are rare to find.
I had lots of time and freedom. I've helped with chores a few hours a day.
Sheffield is a lovely place to walk around with delightful views and beautiful parks.
Andy is self-transparent and direct. It’s pleasant to chat and share time with him. He gives a twist to the ordinary cultural exchange in England.
It’s a nice opportunity to create a connection with people who truly care about you, you’ll probably discover new things about yourself as well.

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I spent some of my most meaningful 4 months ever immersing myself in a different culture with Andy, learning and growing with an open mind. I helped Andy as an 'exercise buddy', as he has a slight disability. He helped me with my English. The household tasks such as tidying up the kitchen and ironing the clothes were minimal. I also travelled with Andy and also explored the south of England with the guys in the Summer. I feel blessed and fortunate to have a great relationship with Andy and Joe. I highly recommend this host for anyone who’s seeking for a unique adventurous journey.

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