Help needed in a Wine, olive and fruit farm in Sicily

At moment we need help needed around middle october to beginning of novembet for olives picking to make olive oil. We have a farm on the Sicilian hills, looking on the sea side from the top. We have animals to take care and fruit plant, vinyard, olive tree and vegetable garden. Usually we need help for the "Vendemmia" (Grape piking and wine making all in the traditional way), that is at the end of September. At moment is the olive season, so we need help for the picking and to experince the making of olive oil.

We are looking for people, not necessarily expert to help and that would like to experince the "Vendemmia" We offer a place to sleep in the house situated 12 km from the farm. We go to the farm by car or depend of the task to do there we are camping at the farm. The camping at the farm is in progress, at moment we have tent, camping shower, cooking place and a lot of space, we are in the process to build a toilet too. We are looking for people with great ideas to build, sugest and help to make the camping the more confortable possible :)!

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