Help needed in a wine, olive and fruit farm in Sicily

Organic farm on the Sicily hills. We have a farm on the Sicilian hills, looking on the sea side from the top. We don't have animals to take care yet but we plan to build some fance to have them in the future. We have fruit tree to keep clean from weed and collect some fruit when the right time will come, we have a vinyard, olive tree and vegetable garden. The farm is not a commercial farm, we use all the products for family, and, if is the right time that the fruits are ready, for the volunteers to taste them. Usually we need help for the "Vendemmia" (Grape piking and wine making all in the traditional way), that is at the end of September. For the olive season, so we need help for the picking and to experince the making of olive oil. And for the cleaning of the fruit tree from april to July. When we start the pprojects at the farm, we spend most of the time there and the accomodation will be in a tent. Every 10 days we go for 2 days in an appartement in a close by village situated 12 km from the farm. From April to September we start a camping at the farm to stay the most time to contact with the nature. The accomodation at the farm is in a tent. During the rest of the year November to March the volunteers can staying in the house at the sea side there is the possibility to give some help in the house for painting, building, etc. If you have some special skills or projects that you like to propose and start you are very welcome to do it. We are open to any suggestions to improve the place and make it more confortable to everyone will come :) SOME PROJECT THAT WE ARE WORKING ON. Please specify clearly in your message if you would like to be part of this project. Offering from few days to one week or more camping adventure on the land, to do some cleaning around the property (remove weed, burning branches, cutting tree branches. The place is on the valley in front of the village, with chestnut tree, almonds tree, walnut tree, olive tree and some other fruit tree (figs, apricot, cherry). There is tent available and a camping shower and a toilet are available, cooking place. We will take everything very easy, helping few hours, take a walk to see around the land, relax on the hamaca, work a bit more, cooking the food (we are going to cook all the food in open fire that we will make ourself). We probably will spend one of to days in the house at the village to have some nice shower and relax in a normal bed. PS:If you are interested and like more information write to me mentioning that you are intestested in the "Camping Special Project"

PS: At this time we can offer just accomodation, From November to March the accomodation is in an appartmernt where you can stay, where you have a kitchen to use, and you have to provide for the food for yourself. The appartement is to share with the other workawayer, is a big open space, there is separation to have privacy with courtins. Most of the time we will ask 3 hours help per day or if you prefere do more and have some day off that is fine with us, you can organize your time as you like according to the task to do. When we will do a special project we can require more hours per day but that is when we will provide food as well and then depend of how many houser you can have days off. We can discuss everything and find the right balance and find best solution for everyone. Usually even in the farm season we are very relaxing, becouse the task has to be fun :). You will enjoy nature at its best and you will work in a relaxing way. In your time off you can visit the magnific storic centre the Alì or go to trekking in the mountain behind the village and much more this when we are coming or you can walk long the beach and if the weather is goo swimming in the beautiful sea of Sicily. We are at 15km from Taormina that it is easy to reach by train or bus. When just accomodation will be provvided: 3 hours per day, 5 to 6 days a week (or rather 15-18 hours per week - some days full, some days part time, some days free, depending on the period and on the works and how you like to organize your time...)


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I had an amazing time there, and Filipo is a great person. He gave me options of work, and let me choose what I rather do, he would work with me, or came often to check if everything was fine. Work can be hard, but he is a flexible person, and the hours are respected. The view from the farm is amazing, even more beautiful than the pictures. I highly recommend the experience. The structure needs some improvement though, so if you’re a person who likes to be really confortable that might not be the best place for you.

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Nuestra experiencia fue buena. Ante todo Filippo es una gran persona, que se preocupó por las tareas que realizábamos trabajando de la misma forma que nosotros y siempre preguntándonos si estábamos bien! El trabajo fue un poco duro porque finalmente teníamos que limpiar el campo entonces fueron tareas de limpieza de campo, pero la cantidad de horas por día considero que fueron las correctas. El campo está en la montaña por lo que si quieres desconectar totalmente y conectarte con la naturaleza (100%) es una buena opción.
Si consideramos que las instalaciones deberían mejorar un poquito.

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