Help to Renovate and Build Student Housing in Baltimore!!!

You will be helping to renovate and build housing that we provide to students from all over the world. We want education to be equitable and accessible for all. Students should be able to acquire affordable housing to continue their education.

My husband Arie and I love meeting new people. We enjoy traveling, learning new things, and eating good food. We have toy maltipoo named Asa. I have a background in science and education. Arie's background is in building and mechanics.


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Shannon and her husband, Arie have been a delight and have made my stay in Baltimore amazing! She was really responsive and has always helped me out, gave me recommendations for places to go to, things to try (gyms, eateries, ice cream (!), etc.) and showed me around in the city.

Although I had no prior xp in home renovations like drywalling and flooring, Arie has taught me everything necessary with a lot of patience and care which made the learning all the better.

I recommend this experience to everyone looking to meet great local people, explore and have fun while helping out!

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