Help us create our dream retreat center at our Artists-owned Villa

The domain is an artist-owned retreat center for individuals and small groups that want to gather and connect in a private, natural setting. It is a space for people to unplug, think, create, do the inner healing work, connect with nature and each other. A chosen place to enjoy in peace, gain inspiration, and develop new ideas. We're a close, comfortable and local escape from hectic, modern living.

Hi everyone, ___________ !!! Hi everyone, We are in urgent need of volunteers from today until the 22nd of February 2020. It is a short period but we have a guest coming on the 22nd. Many trees and branches felt down after the two storms we had in Belgium, we need many people to help us care for the forest and the landscape. The work these days consists of removing everything that felt into big pills. I'm looking forward to your message.  We are Laura and Jacob, Italian and French, 31 and 27 years old. We met in Australia 5 years ago, during these years we've been introduced to volunteering, met many wonderful people and discovered beautiful locations. We're both into photography and video-making: & We now would like to host and received people who like nature and have common interests. For a long time, this place has been a writer residency, receiving writers from all over the world, where they found the clarity and inspiration they so much needed. We now would like to open the doors to new vision, organizing all sorts of interesting retreats and workshops. We would like to create an atmosphere where people feel at home and be mindful of this beautiful nature. Come and enjoy the arty environment, we have hectares of forest with gigantic beach trees, you can walk around the property and found yourself alone in a quiet setting. The rustic house will make you travel in time, we have a large triangular where we usually movie nights with a beamer. The house is composed of many bedrooms and bathrooms (+ Sauna), tv room, a large kitchen, a living room with a library and a large table to seat and enjoy meals outside. All rooms in the house carry different energy and memory. ___________________ We start with a trial week, to see if a longer period is necessary or feasible. We eat mostly vegan/vegetarian food and provide light fare for breakfast and lunch. Any help and service is received in gratitude. Thank you. From Bruxelles Airport, you can take the train to Enghien/Edingen which is 45min away. I can come and pick you up there. Bikes, Sauna, Ping-Pong, Hiking Trail ___________________ We'll determine the Work Exchange on a day-by-day basis as appropriately needed. We are looking for people that have experience in volunteering, people that know how to work independently and manage their own day and time, people that are motivated in being of help. • Looking for people that can help with our orchard, in October and November we will have apples ready to pick, after that, we should make tons of juice for the year. • We need to clean up wood all around and pick some up for the coming winter. • Our landscape is in constant need of love and care, helping out with the garden, the forest and general chores around the house are needed to keep it look beautiful. • At some point this winter we will also be focusing on refreshing our main house, this means painting the rooms, changing the atmosphere and furniture. • Jacob is a cook and Laura is naturally talented, you can learn and be of help in the kitchen. You will prepare for your own breakfast and lunch. We also hope you can sometimes manage dinner for everyone. • We are always looking for people with skills: electrician, website designer, project manager & business planner but also farmers.

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