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Staying in Osaby means living with the nature. The scenery is amazing with several hiking trails in the surrounding nature reserve. Still you will live in a very social place made for meetings with interresting people. You will be part of starting up a unique and open minded social venue, and have the chance to make your own personal footprint. Artistic expressions welcome!

We treat our volonteers as family. Still we value moments of privacy for both ourselves and our volonteers. We attempt to live with the nature by sorting our waste, eating mainly vegetarian and ecological food, and minimizing consumption. We re-use old building materials in innovative ways to make this historic place grow in an organic way.


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Volunteer in your place was so much beyond that I was expected, I Learn a lot about nature and developing my
Awareness about our planet earth.
I learn about myself a lot too!!!
Hope to see you again soon❤️

20 dias atrás



I am from Uruguay so the only possibility to know a country like Sweden is on this way, so i recommend the experience to the people that like to be volonteer that's mean to work together i was volonteer when i was young, in the kibituz on 1984,Israël i find excellent people like another family to me, i will to visit at this year like a guest of them. The solidarity good manners and to work together it is a country that it is very sad when the people start to talk, just because what they hear about the mass media and it is very wrong. I am licensed in Comunication. So when we study and the publ

22 dias atrás



We believe that this experience can’t be better, because they are very worried. First, the house always are warm, the beds are nice and the house are really cozy. But the most important is the people, they are really nice, always ask us if we need something or if we are comfortable. I believe we met incredible people, if we could stay more time with them, we wouldn’t hesitate! They are a very beautiful family and a example like the people should be.
Also the place is magic, you have the lake behind the big house and the afternoons are beautiful. ItWas one of the best experiences of our life!

6 meses atrás



Fantastisk! Nils & Helle were so kind at all moments and provided me with everything I needed. Actually, everyone made me feel part of their family!
The things to do were not difficult at all but varied (picking up leaves, cleaning, dishes, painting, taking care of the hostel...), depending on the season I think. They were very correct and flexible with my work hours and never put pressure on me.
The surrounding is so calm and beautiful. The city is 20 mins away by car. They will help you anytime to get there or try to give you a ride.
I loved being there these 3 weeks! TACK SÅ MYCKET!

8 meses atrás

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