My house is located in the city centre. it's a peaceful apartment building in a residential area, only a few minutes walk from the Athenian hotspot area of Exarcheia, as well as the National archaeological museum. All the major attractions and places to see are no more than 10-15 minutes by bus. Transportation is also great, as the nearest bus stop is just around the corner from my house. It's a two bedroom apartment, so of course, you'll have your own space, with two beautiful and sunny balconies. Note that I have a cat. So if you have any allergies, there's no hope, as he practically owns the place.

I am a traveller myself, as well as a travel blogger, therefore I enjoy immensely meeting people from around the world. I am very respectful of different cultures and of course, I expect the same from my volunteer.s I have been working in the tourism industry for almost twenty years and I have lived and worked in various places around the world. I would like for my volunteer, to have an enjoyable experience in Athens both in regards to our working arrangements as well on their free time. If my schedule allows it, I will be more than happy to show them around the city and its hidden gems

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