We are very close to NYC. Just a 10 minute ride and you are at World trade center. There is also a lot of stores/restaurants/supermarket nearby. So if you live here, you will be in the middle of everything and everything you need is 1 minute away. We have security camera and secure locks at the door so everyone is safe. Your role is to keep the place clean so the place will be clean. We provide cooling and heating so you won't feel uncomfortable. I could sometimes take you to shopping too when I go. Lastly, there's a lot of places looking for people to do minor work so you could find a parttime job too.

Everyone is treated equally. We will give out a general schedule and update it with minor change daily if needed. I'll contact you via message if things change daily. Your schedule is mostly in the morning and you will do the workly mostly independently. You will live with other volunteers so you won't be left alone or overworked. Most people finish their work in shorter them that we give them so realistically you won't be doing 25 hours of work. We put it there just incase we need more time from people that's all in case of emergency


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I loved my time in New York and i am so thankfull for this experience! The Host always made sure to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It wasnt always perfect, but it never is! So i would absolutly recomend to stay in Hudson County if you want to visit Nyc and meet interesing new people from all around the world

1 mês atrás



My experience in New York was great. Especially the location of the house was good! Close to the Path and supermarkets. The tasks that were asked were totally fine. I also got along with the host and everybody in the house. They were kind and made sure that you were safe! The only thing you have to keep in mind is, that the room you are staying in is a little small for three volunteers, but mostly I just had one roomate, which was perfectly fine!
Overall I would reccomend this place!

3 meses atrás



On overall, it was a good experience with a bittersweet end. Some things were really great and others were really bad, which makes me to grade this experience with an average score of 3.5 out of 5. The best things are the location of the house and the duties/activities proposed by the host and the worst parts were the accommodations and the relationship with the host, this last very simple and straight but not empathetic or polite at all. It is definitely not recommended for first time, younger travelers, specially from South America, which will tend to find it very challenging.

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I got fired by her few days after my arrival, which I spent around 500 dollars to fly to NYC. She accused me of damaging her drawer by pouring cooking oil on it by mistake. Her drawer is covered with waterproof paints which is completely nonsense. I easily wiped the oil with detergent and the drawer wasn’t damaged.
She is a very difficult person to get along with. I would ask you to give a second thought before applying for this job. You don’t want to spend a lot of money flying to expensive NYC facing the high probability of getting fired. She threated that I shall not give her bad review

6 meses atrás

Grace respondeu

We have many problems with Xue Dan and the oil spill incident was just the last of it.

1) she is a poor helper. She doesn't follow our procedure and follows her own direction even though we spent multiple people and hours teaching her how to do simple things.

2) she doesn't listen. We gave her specific direction on where the food was and she would go ahead and take other's food. We told her when to do her tasks and she would not follow them. We told her not to put the oil on the side of the drawer because it might spill and cause damage. She did and the bottle wasn't even closed properly so the oil spilled everywhere which caused damage to the drawer and everything in and below it. She said it is not damaged however whenever there's extensive liquid damage, even if the exterior might be waterproof, the interior of the shelf is not. Additionally, things inside the drawer and below it are all filled with oil which has to be disposed of. These are other people's items and she damaged them without accepting any responsibility. That is unacceptable.

3) she is unconventional. what people do in their private space we do not have a problem with but when you do things in our public space that is racy, then we would have to voice our opinion. it could cause a bad image to not only of ourselves but also reflect badly on others.

4) she is unorganized and inconsiderate. The shared room is full of her stuff scattered all over the place. The room is a shared room and she understands that yet she took over the room like it is her own and is inconsiderate of others in the room.

Overall, we have a bad experience with Xue Dan because she is irresponsible, inconsiderate, and doesn't follow directions at our home. Add on the fact that she only blames others and does not accept her own mistake makes it difficult for us to work with. The reason we ask her to leave is that yes oil spill in a drawer isn't a huge deal but the attitude and ethics she has are questionable so we can no longer host her.

We did not threaten her about bad reviews and that is a lie because she has a right to leave any review she like as created by the website and so do we. The review system is supposed to be honest to prevent any threats as she stated. Also, there's nothing for us to threaten her with since we didn't take her passport or took anything of hers' plus she's leaving anyway so it is just a lie.

She was here for 8 days and her plan to come to NYC wasn't based on us. it was her decision to come anyway and we just happen to be the host. We didn't lure her to come with promises of hopes and dreams. She came to NYC of her own will and chooses to help us which didn't work out. We didn't "fire" or kick her out immediately like she might have implied. We told her that we were not a good host for her and told her that we would give her time to look for another host. She left relatively quickly of her own will.

In conclusion, she's not an absolute nightmare and can be pleasant at times. However, in our environment, she doesn't fit well. Given enough space and freedom for her, I think she would be a better fit but since we're in the city, that's not possible. A tip to future hosts, consider what you can offer before hosting her as she needs more freedom than other worldpackers.



Grace is a good person and she always help to me to get a better stay and learn more things to improve my skills

7 meses atrás

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