Home Stay Nepal

Our property offers an authentic experience for all travelers. We are a happy family of four, eager to meet people from around the world. We're looking for help in marketing, social media, cooking, restaurant management, barista coffee training, and home services.

I would like to receive volunteers who can help with cooking, preparing meals, organizing guest rooms, helping with cleaning and helping in the garden, as well as developing content for web and digital marketing.

I will provide a shared room, and a common bathroom where you can have a nice hot shower. Regarding food, I will be able to provide free breakfast but I will charge a small amount for lunch and dinner.

Nepal contains many sacred places for ancient wisdom traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism; Here you can visit many temples and historical places, see monuments dating from 1700 years ago. You can know, feel and learn about the culture of peace that exists in the country.

We're a family of four: father, mother, daughter and son! You'll be treated as part of our own family. We all love interacting with people, as we also respect your personal and private time. We believe in peace around the world, far from being racist or sexist.

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