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Actually, I do not need a "volunteer", although I always welcome help with little jobs and projects that need to be done around the house. I live alone, so I have nobody to please but myself. I live in a townhouse community, so there is little or no exterior work to be done. I am currently secretary of our townhouse coop. My home is basically quiet, easy going, and friendly. While a person....preferably a male or a married couple since I live alone in a highly public setting and with no doors except for the bathroom....is here, I think it would nice and considerate for them to become a temporary member of my household and do their share in keeping it clean, cheerful and in good condition.

I am a retired public school educator....having spent 40 years as a teacher, counselor, coach and administrator. In my retirement I have been....and in some cases, still am....involved in volunteer community work and adult education classes. I like to travel whenever it is possible. I like to read, and I maintain a library of around 1000 books at any given time. I work on my blog for relatives and former guests. My hobbies are....and have been....working with stained glass, (amateur) abstract painting and photography. I eat out with friends two or three times a week, and I try to go for a walk four or five times a week. All in all, I lead a very basic, simple life because it simply suits my personality and my needs. I would certainly hope that any guests would blend into my lifestyle. I am not a party-goer; I am not into loud music or movies or most TV. Yes, I like to go to bars....and I have my favorites which are quiet, neighborhood bars. I like art galleries, museums, etc. I like to sit and talk. Guests who like things like this will probably be happy and content visiting. Others probably will not.

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