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Welcome to Vietnam! WHO ARE WE? - We are volunteers organization who desire to build immersive English education programs across Hanoi to help local students learn, practice and improve their English skills. Come volunteer, discover Vietnam in the coolest way, and leave with unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. We welcome people from all over the world. Previous English teaching experience is welcomed, but not required. As long as you are proficient in English and eager to teach and share your experiences, we welcome you with open arms.

HOW ABOUT OUR STUDENTS? - Volunteers and students all live in the same Homestay, allowing students to interact with English speakers throughout the day. These students are not only very eager to learn English through everyday conversation but also eager to learn about you. Sharing your background, interests, and experiences helps students learn about other cultures and the world around them. WHAT TO EXPECT? In exchange for teaching, you will have great opportunities to discover Vietnam in a truly unique way. You will get free home-cooked lunches or will be taken out to local food stalls. You have the days and weekends to discover Vietnam since classes usually take place in the evening. In addition to the volunteering time, you will have the chance to enjoy the culture by participating in a lot of activities with us such as Daily coffee with local students; Local tour at the weekends; Experience tour with Vietnamese volunteers; Volunteers camp, etc.i

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It was really nice! The people there is amazing. The only detail I would change is the cleanliness of the place.




The students are awesome. Dinners were always very fun and delicious. The place still needs some work, but the hosts make up for it in hospitality.


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I stayed at the homestay a little under 2 weeks. Its a dorm for students from the local university who are learning english. The atmosphere is really laid back and I ended up bringing a friend for a week and they welcomed both of us in. The students are friendly and I felt very at home from the beginning. The work is super easy, just a few night english freetalk sessions with the students. There isn’t much to do since its about ~40minutes out of the city so I wouldnt recommend to travellers who are looking to do tons of exciting new things but its great for someone looking for a chill spot




The students and volunteers are extremely friendly and nice and enthusiastic to learn and meet new people. The job is very easy and fun (I wouldn't even consider it as job) and the area the homestay is located it's very lively and only 35 minutes from the city centre of Hanoi. Totally recommended to anyone who want to explore the real Hanoi and live the local life also, apart from sightseeing of course.


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Only planned on staying two weeks, but ended staying two months. Come for the free food but stay for the people.

I rusley talk about 12 hours a week plus two hours of free talk which allowed me to connect with the students. Most of the residents that live in the Homestay are college students and their English levels will vary if that matters to you. you'll be living in a dorm Style building with a shared bathroom. there's about three to four people in each room with a bunk bed situation so it will be very difficult to entertain certain people.

I'll leave it at that - - I'd 100% visit again.


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