Horticultura Natural

you would like to help us in our organic garden and connect with nature ?? Learning about our crops and the production of organic products, trying to bring home to every person in our ciduad a healthy, healthy and organic? food Besides being a natural environment, full d earboles, some pets and especially much fresh air !!!! Spend pleasant moments, family and learning about our culture, and we are learning from you obviously °° Firmat is only two hours by bus from Rosario and six as Bs.As, Here Might Safety projecting your trip and enjoy a beautiful stay

We are a group of friends that we will provide our best to guarantee you a stay as pleasant as possible and feel at home!We'll indicating the various activities to do in the garden, from planting, harvesting, irrigation, according to the proposed clima.que travelers need help in our Biobar that works in the hostel, we function as a meeting place and cultural space

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Jardinagem Consertar & Construir Pintar & Decorar

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Ajuda na limpeza Cuidado de plantas e animais Jardinagem Ajudante de cozinha

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Jardinagem Cuidado de plantas e animais Consertar & Construir

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Contato com a natureza

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