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Why would you choose to stay with us? Because it is fun. Because you will meet a lot of good people. Because you will learn a lot. We are working with volunteers for 10 years and we think that it is always a benefit for the volunteer and also for the Hostel. We think volunteering in places like ours is a perfect opportunity for young people to travel the world on a small budget.

I am Claas and I run Hostel Albania since 2009. We have a great team on staff and we are very carefull in choosing our volunteers as we think they shuld fit into our team.


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Working in Hostal Albania was a fantastical experience. During my time in the hostal I made great friends, had many new experiences and proved myself in many different ways. The opportunity to work 4 days and having 3 days off is amazing, because it let's you travel in a very comfortable way. At the same time, the job even though is sometimes demanding it's very doable despite the lack of staff. I'm really grateful with Class for this opportunity. Nonetheless take into account that the food provided for you is not enough so it is necessary to buy groceries and water for yourself. Thanks again

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Coreia do Sul


it was really nice staying here. I enjoyed the time so much. Claas was really a good cook and chill. The tasks are generally easy to learn and do. you can also organize your free time easily and enjoy your time in Albania even outside the hostel. I def recommend to spend your time for Hostel Alabnia

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I’ve had luck since I started doing my volunteering. Albania is my second country so far, and the country it's beautiful. Claas cooks very well, and he has been gentle in helping me plan my trips around the country. The chores are easy, and the job is not hard at all.

27 dias atrás

Estados Unidos


Although I was not able to volunteer at this property I volunteered at Claas’ other hostel and had a wonderful experience. Absolutely lovely team led by the wonderful Franc who is so incredibly helpful and understanding. You get three days off a week to explore surrounding areas which is a huge perk and the chores are easily manageable. Overall I had a incredible experience!

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Santa Claas!!! hohoho I had a great time in Tirana and for sure would love to come back, the tasks in the hostel are very simple and Claas explains everything clearly and respectfully, he is very flexible when it comes to scheduling shifts. I'm sorry if I happened to be a bit distracted in one ocassion or two I sincerely appreciate the understanding and patience, as well as the delicious dinners that he had the detail to prepare for us.

2 meses atrás

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