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Si quiere tener contacto con la cultura andaluza esta será una buena ocasión, además podrá disfrutar del buen clima y la comida mediterránea

Serán tratados con respeto, es lo que ofrecemos y lo que esperamos, claro. Además no es un trabajo fuerte y permite compaginar varias actividades.


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I am very greatful for this experience as it was my first worldpackers experience. Work is easy, overall a good hostel although it isn't your typical lively city centre experience it was one that I value a lot. A lovely family who are very respectful and you can have a laugh with. Thanks again guys all the best Mike xx



Hostel Puerto Algeciras tiene una excelente ubicación al puerto, zona centro, cafeterías, restaurantes, supermercados, playa, entre otros lugares. Además el ambiente es muy familiar y se siente como un hogar. Los Anfitriones son muy amables Juan, Maribel y Jose Simon. Las tareas a realizar son fáciles. Recomiendo esta experiencia de voluntariado y también que las personas se hospeden allí. Algeciras a su manera tiene su encanto.



Maribel and Juan are super nice and flexible. They’re always trying to help in order for you to feel confortable. The hostel itself is small but cool and a little difficult to find the first time. There is just one issue; one room had bedbugs. At first I was in the clean room, but one night they changed me to the other one having an 80% assurance that the room was clean. The next morning I woke up with bites and that same day they washed my clothes and changed me back without hesitation. Lesson of the day: don’t accept that room unless you are 100% sure it’s clean. Overall I do recommend it.



Maribel, Juan y José fueron geniales anfitriones. Me quedé súper agradecida. Siempre se preocupan por ti. En cuango a Algeciras, la ciudad en sí no te da para realizar muchas actividades, pero en sus alrededores hay muchísimo que ver y visitar.


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This was my first Worldpackers experience and I couldn't have chosen a better one. Staff was really welcoming and helpful. Task that you do are not hard and you get a lot of free time, accommodation and two meals a day. Maribel is really good cook. Only downside might be that you need to know at least a little bit of Spanish. The hostel itself is really spacious with nice kitchen and big beds. I would definitely recommend this position.


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