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A remarkable experience, Palestine still an exotic place, not so touristy, so you can join to enjoy the great Palestinian hospitality, learn about the region, the culture, politics, the conflict, helping different societies and enjoy Ramallah special night can stay in Ramallah and take it as a central base to explore all around in such a short distance.

Hostel in Ramallah is the first hostel to open its doors in Ramallah...our objective is to provide travellers from all over the world with information, accommodation and make sure they are so glad they visit Palestine. Our hostel can be considered small to medium sized hostel, we offer bed and food in return of volunteering with our team, our shifts working hours varies, on average they are 5 hours a day...but not the last shift which you can sleep in and open the doors if someone is checking in...the shifts is changing between the volunteers just to make sure that no routine going around and makes feel that you so productive in helping us in art work, building furniture or decorations from recycling materials, maintaining the hostel facilities, cleaning, & reception work for sure ....each time we have a task we try all of us as one team to be involved in, enjoy the final results & celebrate the success

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Hostel in Ramallah is more than a hostel - it is a local initiative with the objective of increase tourism in Palestine and spread the word about what is happenning in West Bank. Volunteering with them was one of the best experiences I ever had. The staff is kind and helpful and instalations are nice and clean. They run an organic farm too, which is a way of resistance and protection of Palestine's land. Most of my time I worked with social media and photography, trying to increase the number of guests. I strongly reccomend Hostel in Ramallah and can't wait to be back there.

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