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Nucapacha is in Urdesa Central, a safe and quiet neighborhood, yet close to bars, restaurants, night clubs, banks and more. We provide affordable accommodation for backpackers, travelers and volunteers who enjoy a chill, peaceful and cosy place to stay in while in the city chaos. Our facilities are design to offer, , a friendly atmosphere where you'll feel like home.

I've worked really hard and i manage to succeed in creating a family atmosphere with my staff, a place we can call our second home and where everyone helps where is needed. We want our volunteers not just to help out for a couple of weeks but to actually be part of that family; to take a little piece of us to the road and to leave a little piece of them here with us. If you are into that, please do not send copy/paste messages, make us feel special. If i don't reply is probably because your message seem like something you send to multiple recipients; if not, prove me wrong.

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Nucapacha its a really awesome place, there is a really good and chill vibe. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. Nucapacha was a great chance to connect with a lot of people make new friends and all my time there was amazing so far.

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