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Central location, familiar ambience, fun, confortable, clean and friendly experience, our hostel is simple and working in a 17th century rebuilt, remodled house. Also our city Guimaraes is a precious and well kept medieval city, World Heritage from UNESCO and European Capital of Culture in 2012, with funtastic cultural environment!!!!! We have several things to see here in Guimaraes like the Castle and Duke’s Palace, the Plataform of Arts, the Cultural Center Vila Flor, a Cable Car to the top of the mountain, the natural park and so much more! We run a familiar type of hostel so you will be surrounded by Portuguese experiences. Our guests come from all over the world so staying here you get to speak and make friends with so many people, there is a great interaction witch is always beneficial. You'll have a lot of free time and will be able to know not only Guimarães but a lot of cities around us. There are many cultural benefits, you'll experience different people, language, culture, traditions, food and our rich history and you will learn how to adapt to new people and new situations. Our cost of life is very affordable and with free accomodation and food, and given how cheap almost everything cultural is, you'll be able to have lots of diferent experiences. Portugal has so much to offer and so do we.

Volunteers will be treated as guests, as family!!!!!! This is a familiar hostel, not a party hostel, good for resting and relaxing! The city has a youthful center because of the university with a beaming night life, as well as plenty of restaurants, bars and charming cafes! Our helpers use Guimarães as a base for exploring Guimaraes and its surroundings, as Porto, Braga, Ponte de Lima, Briteiros, Amarante, etc. Besides, Guimaraes is a perfect base to explore Iron Age villages around the city and also to visit Peneda Geres National Park, a real paradise in Earth (by bus or by renting a car for about 30 euros). Our city is famous for traditional Dishes, Wines and Celebrations. Gualterianas festival is 120 years old and Nicolinas date to the 14th century, a giant parade organized by students in November. Every Fridays we have open air market just 50 metters from Hostel, where you can get big bargains on clothes, shoes, house garments, furniture, etc. Second hand flee market every 1rst and 3rd Sunday of each month.

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