Hostel The Hague

Looking to satisfy those indefinable urges? Urges, you wonder, like what? Such as: the urge to travel, to redefine the boundaries of your comfort zone and experience new things; to contribute to a small and vibrant business, to learn new skills and brush up on your language abilities; to meet new people and befriend them, from all over the world; Hostel The Hague is a prime example of a place where you can find an outlet that will satisfy these urges. We are a small and intimate, yet bustling hostel located in the city center of The Hague, one of the largest cities in The Netherlands and its political capital. Conveniently located within walking distance of a myriad of things to see as well as public transport access points, we're a distinctly wonderful base of operations. We value personal and creative input, and encourage our staff to explore and implement ideas outside of the regular scheduled errands and workload. This may range from channeling one's creativity into our rooms, or proposing activities and theme nights in combination with the house bar: De Gekke Geit (where we serve some of the best [affordable] beer in town). Also, we have regular activities such as jazz jam sessions, open mic's, karaoke nights, where almost everyone can showcase their talent. In short: there is no lack of things to do and enjoy at Hostel The Hague!

We're a close-knit team of 9: 5 permanent staff members and 4 volunteers, who are selected on their worldliness to present the finest blend of cosmopolitan culture. Who could resist that? In all seriousness though: we have an international voluntary staff who bunks together and takes care of most of the day-to-day work at the Hostel, such as making sure the hostel is clean and functioning. We kindly ask our volunteers to work for 5 days a week (max. 25 hours), and enjoy their 2 days off exploring the city, and the Netherlands. In return for this we provide you with a bed, breakfast and 50% discount on our bar. We do thoroughly appreciate those that are willing to go above and beyond and attend downstairs in the bar on busy nights by providing a welcoming smile and helping out where necessary. Our permanent staff includes three receptionists/breakfast managers, two bartenders and the owner of both the bar and the hostel.

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