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Hostel Villa Angelina is a very special hostel due to staff and relations with our guests. Being a small hostel we can enjoy great friendly atmosphere where staff is guest's friend. Staff is in charge to give all the best tips for guests to enjoy Dubrovnik area! Our guests can have unique experience without any prior research. Besides great relations with guests we keep our hostel spotless so guests can feel like at home! Cleanliness is very important for our guests!

We already had few volunteers at the hostel. To become a volunteer here you have to be very friendly and nice person who has great communication skills, is willing to help in any process of running the hostel. The main task for volunteers is to explain guests about the hostel and activities to accompany the guest to their rooms (private rooms are 5 min walk from reception). Volunteers can have free accommodation, if they are willing to work more we can offer them 1 meal.

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I love it so much!
The job is quite simple and really funny if you love to meet people from different cultures, you have a lot of time to talk with the guests leading them to the rooms, I made good friends there :)
Matea and Dario are lovely, doing everything to make you feel happy, Anamaria has a generous heart and make the shifts much funnier! Eve and Renata always with a smile and making your day better. The volunteers were a real team, working to help each other and always open to hang out or go party together. I miss it! Thank you so much for the learning and experience!

27 dias atrás


I'm already missing Hostel Villa Angelina and Matea, Dario and Anamarija! They were always looking after me and made sure that I was having a great time. The work at times can be hard but it is also thoroughly enjoyable as you get to meet guests from around the world everyday and show them through the Old Town. There are also many benefits of volunteering in the hostel which includes lunch, day trips and joining in on the hostel organised activities. I will miss Dubrovnik and hope to be back. Thanks for everything!!

2 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

Dubrovnik is a very beautiful city that in summer is full of people, however in winter it is almost completely empty. This is something that largely effects a job in hospitality. Most days working in winter are spent doing very little, and although the hostel is quite cool, and the location is great, it gets quite boring. The first week the host was great, but by the end treated the volunteers with little respect. I had a mixed time, but I would not go back.

10 meses atrás

Matea respondeu

Dear Jasper,
Thank you for your review and for your help. Because of your case I learned I have to be more careful when confirming volunteers in future.

You came not to help us out - but just to party, have fun and chill. This is not bad at all, but when you apply to be a volunteer you have to commit and work hard, which you were not ready at all.

Before you confirmed your stay I have sent you a list of all tasks we ask our volunteers to do, and all was very clear.

Luckily we receive lot more great people who come to stay with us in order to meet the culture, get to know hostel life, help out and get immersed with history and culture of this beautiful city and people .

I wish you all the best in your future!
Matea, manager


I had the most amazing experience in Hostel Angelina! Matea, Dario and Ana Maria are great persons, It was lovely to meet them. The work ia hard, but fair, and you have all the support to do It. Besides, you have really good compensations, as kayak tours, pub crawl, day trips.. I really recomend the experience! Dubrovnik it's the most beautiful city, and you'll make real good friends there! Thank you for everything, you'll be always in my heart.

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Experiência é experiência né?! Eu, pessoalmente, fiquei traumatizada com essa, hahaha. A cidade é incrível e o hostel impecável, mas ir na alta temporada para Dubrovnik é bem complicado. Em certo momento os donos do hostel começaram a vender as camas dos voluntários, sempre com a desculpa que tinham que priorizar os hóspedes. Não tínhamos cama, dormíamos na cozinha (que abria as 8) e não tinha ao menos colchões e travesseiros para todos. Quando questionei, ouvi que sou "muito emotiva" e que deveria mudar o meu jeito. TRABALHEI DURO e fui tratada como bicho. If you want to know more, text me.

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