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Belive me, we are the best backpackers hostel in Jaisalmer and you are welcome to enjoy with us and help! Zostel Jaisalmer provides comfortable rooms private\shared, ample communal spaces like the rooftop restaurant with a panoramic view of the city , a hushed reading space and a common sitting in the central courtyard. Enjoy with out guests, meet people, make friends and welcome to Golden City way of life! Feel free to mingle with our staff who will help you explore the city , devise an itinerary for you and tickle your curiosity with folk tales . Do not forget to experience the stillness of the Thar desert, taste the cuisines and celebrate the Rajasthani culture.

We are a family, with a local staff. We need some volunteers to help with entertainment and make our hostel a place even more fun. Use your creativity to help us create more activities

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Música Bartender Guia local Organizar eventos e festas

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Ajudante de cozinha Ajuda na limpeza Cuidar & Arrumar

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