Hotel Buenos Aires Avenida

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Estados Unidos

Kids are AWESOME & helped with my Spanish, location BAD, host ANNOYING. Not at the hotel, his apt is by the airport. 2 days off not 4 and when he doesn't feel like working but still requests cleaning up after him in the kitchen and walking his dog when he's too lazy to and talked A LOT about how much he hates Jews and Arabs and Cartagena (I don't hate any of these) and spoke poorly about his ex-wife A LOT (who I like and is around a lot so keep it private man). They have a nanny, time management is more needed than second nanny, TOXIC CONVERSATIONS, no AC in the room so I left early.

5 meses atrás

Reino Unido

I had a great month here. Everyone at the hotel is lovely and the accomodation is excellent - an air-conditioned flat on top of the hotel with a huge terrace and access to the hotel's rooftop gym and jacuzzi/pool. It's an ideal place to stop mid-travels and get back to real life a bit, with privacy and independence (a real kitchen all to yourself!). Mario is a great host/most laid-back boss in the world and a lovely guy to hang out with. I recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.

11 meses atrás