Hotel Ramsingh Palace

We are a group of young guys running a guest house for over four years now and would love to meet and work with like minded individuals. Located in the city center we are in easy access to everything if someone needs to pursue a course and study.

The guest house serves our guests in a very professional; manner yet trying to keep the atmosphere lively and casual. one can expect a vibrant a lively feel once they start working with us and complete freedom for new ideas and thoughts.


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The hotel is beautiful, big and everything works pretty well, Manish and the staff are very attentive! Unfortunatelly there was a part under construction, so we were not so full and there was not much to do.. but I could sightsee and update their social media telling about the city! Jaipur is awesome :) Lots to see, to do and to buy... Never skip the chance to watch a movie in Raj Mandir Cinema (even if all in Hindi!).. Thanks for all the experience I could have with you guys :)

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Let me tell you about Manish, the owner, who must be the most intelligent man I met in India. His knowledge about Jaipur is never ending. He was like a cool father, while I was in his hotel. Unfortunately, it was low season when I was there, so there wasn't much to do, besides helping with social media and some housekeeping. His staff is very nice as well, and the hotel is really close to everything in Jaipur. I was almost 4 weeks there and they always made me feel like I was at home.

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The opportunity was amazing! Manish is a great guy, flexible and fair with the work to be done. The staff is also willing to interact with the worldpackers. Manish is reinventing the concept of his hotel, and he really appreciates the presence of new people, with new ideas and an open mind. For me, it was pretty cool to see how things work in an Indian kitchen and to learn the Indian way to cook. Another cool thing is that I had the opportunity to explore Jaipur and its history and come up with a good material for their social media. :)

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My time in Hotel Ramsingh has been a memorable one. They are my first host in Worldpackers and I was never disappointed by the host and the entire team of Hotel Ramsignh. I had a great time working with them in the reception, housekeeping and doing some social media. Manish also gave us lots of free time to explore Jaipur. He gave helpful advice on what to do and how to do things the Indian way. More importantly, he provided us an opportunity to learn about the hotel industry. Keep up the great work Manish and shout out to all the staffs who made us really comfortable. Til next time ;)

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O dono Manish é uma pessoa maravilhosa, desde o primeiro dia me dando dicas sobre a cultura local e como seria meu trabalho aqui. Trabalhei na maior parte atualizando a mídia social do hotel e algumas vezes na cozinha fazendo chappati. Foi um trabalho tranquilo e cheio de novas descobretas, conheci lugares incríveis e coloquei fotos e comentários sobre eles na mídia social do hotel. A equipe aqui é realmente unida, você vai se sentir como parte de uma família. A rua em que fica localizado o hotel é calma e possui uma vizinhança incrível, um lugar perfeito. Agradeço muito a oportunidade.Namastê

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