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We are a young dynamic hostel in the heart of the city of Jerusalem where all major religious faiths meet and historical and modern Israel can be experienced. Normally we aim to have around 6 volunteers at any given moment so there is always something going on and you can meet people from everywhere around the world. The Volunteer Program combines helping duties in the hotel various departments with group activities to enrich the experience in Israel. We have our tours in Jerusalem and Israel operation, so volunteers get to join tours that we operate. We also have a weekly meeting sort of a lecture about interesting topics like Israel's history, cultural complexity etc. So volunteers will have a good opportunity to get to know the cultural, religious and historical side of Jerusalem and Israel. This is not a paid position. Israeli laws prevent business from paying a salary to tourist without a working permit, so we cannot pay for duty hours. This is a volunteering position in our volunteer program hosting volunteers for no charge on a Bed and Breakfast basis in the hostel, for participating in a program that includes group activities, informative lectures and materials, to get familiar with history, geography and culture for personal experience and to provide help and knowledge helping other visitors to enrich their experience in Israel. Volunteers also spend time helping out the various departments of the hostel (helping to prepare the breakfast buffet and organizing and cleaning the common areas) getting familiar first hand with how we host people, and improving the experience of guests. We always appreciate it when volunteers can contribute a special skills, like playing an instrument or photography. The minimum period to stay in the program is 3 weeks. Please notice that entering the program means you are hosted in the hostel as a guest and participants enter the program accept the terms of the program and the house rules that applies to guests. Hope to see you soon, and a good time until then. Kind regards, The Stay Inn Hostel

The atmosphere in the hostel is relaxed, open minded and helpful. The staff is on a friendly basis and there is always room for jokes. You will be treated like a friend and not like a workforce.

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My stay at the Stay Inn Hostel was amazing. It was an incredible experience for me. Everyone in this hostel, whether it be the staff or the managers or the guests is amaizing. At the beginning we had some issues with the management, but midway through my stay they changed the management of the hotel, and things got better in all levels! Over all, this place is just wounderfull and i would defenitly come again to vivt. 10/10 and would totally recommend

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I had such a great time at Stay Inn. The place is right in the center of the city, so there's plenty to do around. Only a 15 min walk to the old city. The place is pretty and comfortable, the work is more about helping the staff rather than having to do a lot of work, which is nice. The schedule is also relaxed, it gives you time to explore another cities. The staff is amazing and always makes sure that you're having a good time. Thanks to everyone for making my stay so fun and memorable :)

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I had an amazing time here! The tasks are easy to perform. They respect the hours and days off. The place is modern and nice and It’s close to old city. The crew was really nice with me, Angelina, shady, Yousra and Daniella are the best! Thank you for everything, I hope I can comeback!

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My experience at Stay Inn was great. The tasks are easy and clear, the place is big with nice common areas and a lot of people from all over the world. I had plenty of time to explore Jerusalem and also go to Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and more. The breakfast is delicious and the staff very friendly. I definitely recommend it :)

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I had a really great time in Jerusalem & hanging with the other volunteers, & all of the work required is pretty easy. That said, the work environment itself was only ok. The management didn’t seem to agree with eachother & they were disorganized. On several occasions our work schedules weren’t made on time and my hours were shifted day of more than once. The staff dorm had quite a few issues as well (like usb ports not working, bed curtains missing). However, working in Eilat was AMAZING because Pavel & his team were so kind, welcoming, and the private apartment was delightful.

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