I Love Goa Dogs

We are a small private tipi village of travellers, friends, volunteers, and orphan animals, and the space is permanently held by Rani.. We help animals in distress on the beach and in the surrounding villages, we have 28 rescue dogs, 10 cats, and various rescue kittens and puppy orphans. Our location is ideal, we are on the banks of a beautiful river next to the beach. It is easy and close to walk to town and nightlife/yoga/restaurants and venues.

Our community is homelike atmosphere of family and friends, and we like people to feel at home and love our place and the animals as we do, and are helpful and prepared to work hard. We give preference to people who have experience in- building, maintenance, driving, to people who have animal care experience, to mechanics and body workers. We prefer long term stayers, and many people have returned to us.


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I really enjoyed my time in Arambol with I Love Goa Dogs. Rani is a special person, making sure you are comfortable and well looked after. The food was really great, especially the breakfasts and coffee in the morning. Having been in rural Africa for 6 months I definitely appreciated the flush toilet. I did a lot of cooking for the dogs but my tasks were pretty varied. If you can ride a scooter that is a bonus because you can go out and feed the dogs. I will miss the animals. Come help the dogs and cats! Asante Dada!

3 meses atrás



I applied for this position because I noticed it was a dog shelter. I'm a parent to two rescued dogs and wanted to assist the host with her tasks. However, the current situation doesn't match the images on Worldpackers. The place fell victim to a monsoon & was washed away. The host has been through a lot and I empathise with her but the truth is, I didn't sign up for this situation. The place requires a full-time volunteer and if you're willing to do that, it's great. The dogs and the cat are lovely, and I'll miss them. The location of this place is perfect for meeting international people.

6 meses atrás

Reino Unido


This camp is perhaps the most authentic place in Goa. It's a place for people and animals and inspiration. I had a great time staying here, the animals are lovely, the place is beautiful, simple, elegant and jungly. If you are patient with yourself Rani could teach you alot. The work involves maintenance, cleaning and just keeping a jungle camp together.

7 meses atrás



I was interested to go as a volunteer for I love Goa dogs. Though it was confirmed of my volunteer, later it was cancelled through the WhatsApp message. I think it's because of my lack of English knowledge. But according to me nothing is wrong from the Host, they are very good.I pray that One God the Supreme being to bless them and their good service abundantly.

10 meses atrás



Hah, where to start from? I had an amazing experience there. The place is located next to the river on the best spot of Arambol beach. The animals are super friendly and playful. The daily routines will help you understand what is needed to run a shelter (food, water supplies, cleaning, gardening, decorate). The people: You'll have the chance to meet the locals and wonderful travelers, volunteers or friends of "I love Goa dogs". And finally, Rani, a real hippie, the lady who dedicated her life to that,will be your guide, mentor and sister for a while. Totally recommended!

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