Igulu Foundation

A volunteer should expect a culture exchange center at our foundation whereby will be able to experience local life in Uganda.
Volunteer shall be protected with enough security 24/7 by our team members.
Shall to be offered with certificate, foundation t-shirt, tag, three meals a day, village walk, village bike ride, having direct contact with nature, direct contact with our kids, animals, locals and garden, access to wifi, evening tea. As well visiting many tourist sites and safaris in Uganda 🇺🇬. We do organize safaris and game drives for our volunteers during their free times
It will be your turn to try a lot of local food in Africa and local games.

Hope to meet loving, caring and social people.

I'm igulu Sinani the director and founder of Igulu Foundation. We have a team of five male and four female staff members. My passion for working with the Igulu foundation is to "use our voices to speak far for those who can't speak far" by expressing the feelings of the local community people by exposing their loyalty to people around the globe. I believe that I can't accomplish this mission alone but if we can get a joint voice we shall make positive transitions in our communities. Maximum love, respect and care are awaiting for our volunteers to enjoy it. The amazing life experience in Uganda plus amazing adventures which shall create an everlasting memory in your life is ready for you.

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I had the most incredible experience at the Igulu Foundation, it was like a home away from home! Everyone was immediately so welcoming, and it stayed that way until the moment I left. The tasks each day were varied, from construction, to cooking, to teaching classes, so each day was always entertaining. And the children are so wonderful. They are all kind, smart, and affectionate, and very helpful to one another and the volunteers too. They always had fun playing games and were enthusiastic about homework and classes, which made this so enjoyable. Hope to return some day soon!

2 meses atrás

Costa Rica


Igulu and his entire team are people who really make you feel welcome, they support you with any needs or questions you have and they make you feel like family.
What this team does for the children left me speechless, they are really educating children who have good values to be great people in the future as adults.
The children are incredible, they are loving and always have a smile on their face, they definitely teach you how to be happy with "nothing"
I 1000% recommend volunteering at the Igulu Foundation.
I hope to come back soon!

2 meses atrás



I had a good time and I learnt a lot. The commitment to time is improvable

2 meses atrás



Life changing! It s so hard to put in words this experience because it is something you have to really experience, to feel it in your soul and to be open to recieve infinite love and pure joy from every member of this foundation, expecially when it comes about kids. All i can say is that for me Igulu Foundation is a magic place that teached me genuine love, support, respect, friendship and it also reminded me how it feels to live in the rhythm of the nature and to enjoy every second of your life. I was supposed to stay there for one month, but i decided to listen to my heart and to extend.

2 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Eye booked for a month and Eye wish Eye would’ve booked for longer . This truly feels like home, the kids, the staff there’s so much love and gratitude its beautiful. Leaving is going to be so hard but Eye’m so grateful to everyone for accepting me here and allowing me to come and be myself and share/exchange love. This will always be a lifelong home for me and Eye’m excited for the day Eye get to come back . 💚💚 thank you ! Nmbenda Inho !!

4 meses atrás

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