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Volouteers can learn all about olives plants. New metods to do agricolture Sinergic way,Permacoltura. Volouteers can learn how to live in a ecological way not beeing a weight to our Planet. We are near Roma so Is possibile to visit the eternal city.

About me. I m native of this land so i know well this zone. I love my Land and Sabina. I like One style of Life in contact with mother nature. Some year ago i open my Place to Friends, volouteers i want to host people but in a sense of community. So i want start my community in Sabina. My knowledge about agricolture Is good ,i know how to do agricolture with other methods sinergic or permacoltura. I like have near me people with open mind Who want learn. Volouteers ll be treated like a Brother and Sister.familysoul.


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Francesco took me in very nicely. He took good care of me showed me Rome, his way of agricultures and told a lot of stories about the stuff he knows! It has been a learning opportunity about culture and an alternative way to live in a community. The house is always full of people who you get to eat and work with and also share a lot of free time with if you wish, as the work is very free. And also the location is nice, the hills around are beautiful, you are close to nature and the house has got an amazing view. I can recommend this farm for everyone that is open and want to try out new ways.

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I would NOT RECOMMEND this host. The house is really dirty, messy -trash and animals everywhere. The animals at the farm are not taken care of. My first day I got a biscot and a cup of tea as "breakfast". I did not get 2days of as promised. The work was okay- but I wanted to work outside, but ended up helping him renovaiting his kitchen. Not something I enjoyed.
When I asked him for cleaning supplise, toilet papier, food for common meals etc. He took me to the store, but I was the one paying for everything to the house. I feel disgusted over the way he took advantage of me.

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Francesco respondeu

Sigrid what you write dont respond to what you said when was here. Why you dont said me directly this thinks.I m disappointed at what you write.
You was at your First exeperience and was all good for you , then finally you went away before with Margout i dont know where and why. You was worried about your military period in Norway. I understand this was the reason.
This Is not the Spirit of volounteering or people do volounteering. I hosted in media 6-7 pearson for a.week so this Place was dirty like you write .you never said me this.however If i was alone It was not dirty.
When you went to supermarket you said you Need something for you. what are your aspettative i said the First day
you responde nothing i m new Just enhoy the Place be relaxed from One stressed life.So why do you volounteer? Just for judging the other?
I m disappointed i dont understand.

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