IQBAL Center for Arts

This is a small Ashram for artists and spiritual seekers and a cultural research centre. We have a Music school in Bhilai since past 40 years and a Music studio in Bollywood, Mumbai, from past 10 years.

Have been involved in giving spiritual assistance/guidance to spiritual seekers and artists from past 8 years along with teaching music from past 20 years.

What differentiates this town, Bhilai, from the rest of India is that it's a small cosmo-politan township formed 60 years ago by collaboration between Indian and Russian govt. It has a population of 1 million. Hence it is one of the very few multi-ethnic planned township in India and full of greenery surrounded by lake and river. Life is too slow here conducive for those who seek spiritual immersion with minimal and basic life comfort.

Bhilai, is well connected to all major cities through roads, trains and flights (nearest airport Raipur 40 km away). Nagpur is three and half hours away which is the biggest hub of all train networks in India.

I am a mystic, musician, a writer and an ex-software architect who has travelled extensively in almost all states of India and lived in few countries in Europe (Denmark, England, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden) and Thailand learning and giving spiritual assistance. I did a five year research in Raj yoga, Gyan yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism (Dzogchen) and Sufism while living at different ashrams and monasteries including the ones in Himalayas and Arunachala (Ramana Ashram). We come from an artistic background where my father has been a music teacher for more than 40 years in this town as well as in Kuwait for 12 years. I am a grade-5 certified classical guitarist and a Hindustani semi-classical singer. Help required: You are welcome to share your cultural details and artistic talent or any other skill with our few music students and other local friends and people from the town. You can take a free workshop for the local children and residents on any form of arts, spirituality, music, cooking healthy meals, sharing your travel experience, your life back home telling about your education and work experience there, your future plans off-maintream or any other skills/knowledge that can inspire young listeners to look for opportunities beyond conventional life choices. You will have an opportunity to interact with locals of diverse ethnicity and understand their culture, issues they are facing at various levels, what is their definition of happiness and so on.

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