Iron Moon Homestead

This is a small homestead, fairly recently started. Here, you can learn some of the skills you'd need to homestead, and get a good idea of what it might be like to start one. We cook simple communal meals that are inspired by practicality and by various cultures. Nachos, burritos, spaghetti, homemade bread and cheese with eggs, red beans and rice, soups/stews, stir-fry or veggies with noodles, tomato-basil soup with grilled cheese.. Occasionally we may make pizza, biscuits and gravy, rarely but deliciously, bread & brie (possibly w/summer sausage). Food tends to be vegetarian, but we sometimes include meat -- if anyone prefers vegetarian, that is easily accommodated.

If you have an interest in spirituality, but dislike suspending your critical thinking, you're most welcome. Even better if you see auras or spirit, and want to establish a landing pad for regular visits.

Note: There are two waterfalls we typically hangout at that are nearby, but we don't have a sizable waterfall on the property. The smaller nearby waterfall is a place we go to to sit and cool off, and the larger one is further away, but a great place to visit for swimming.

This homestead is about six years in from its inception in a camper, when we weren't living here full-time. Kristy and Brian are the only permanent residents here currently -- although we're looking at establishing a community based in individual sovereignty, with governance based on needs and capabilities, and arbitration based on paths of least incursion. We value the balanced flow life requires of us all. You can expect to be treated in a balanced balanced manner -- that is, stagnation is a bad idea, and sometimes imbalance is needed for growth. But overall, balance is a good idea. We strive to be fair and equitable in what we do, but also recognize that everyone is different, and has different things to contribute in life. If we feel wronged, we'll treat you in the best way we know how. If we don't know a better way, then we'll treat you similarly, and hopefully we'll all learn. New cultures and ideas are welcome. We are culture, subculture, virtue and vice friendly. We want to get to know your ideology, but expect people to clean up the messes they make, and to be mindful of their effects on others.


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I was more than excited to join the team! Both Brian and Kristy are super welcoming and everyone was great. For being new hosts, they are pros! The heart of their goal is sustainable practices with practical development to grow a community. Expect a spiritual and experiential livelihood! This is the outdoor, simple, basically primitive experience (you could even stay in your own tent if you wanted). -Right next to a national forrest!- Our work hours were just as promised and they were more than kind to acquire anything to make your stay more comfortable. Definitely going back some day!

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