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We believe our hostel is a potential place for travelers to showcase their skills and earn a free bed for themselves to sleep, use toilets and wifi to keep themselves fresh and at the same time spend time with our fellow guests.
Our hostel is well-suited for those travelers who want to contribute their people management skills to connect with our hostel guests, connect them together and lead them to our weekly events including party, visit places and tours, etc. in a group.

Our team is a balanced mix of local and international staff, who respects and willing to serve all people from different nationalities. For us, the world is our home and its people form a big family. Volunteers at our place can expect to be treated respectfully as one of our team members.

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It was my first volunteering and I feel happy to have enjoyed in this hostel. My “work” was easy and funny as social media management. I had to visit popular places in Bangkok, immerse myself in the Thailand culture so it was something that I was going to do anyways. “HMS” recommend and adviced to me some places to visit and I appreciate that. The only thing that I would like from hostel was a little feedback about the content I made. Anyways it was a good experience and I only have to thanks to hostel for the opportunity🫶🏽

4 meses atrás



Definitely an amazing and unforgettable experience! The people here are so nice and welcoming especially Mansh and Chati. Really down to earth people . The location was also perfect and the workload was chill. We developed mutual respect and trust. Thanks for this experience!

7 meses atrás



I had a nice experience at Isanook hostel! I stayed for 2 weeks and during the day I had lots of free time to explore the city. I was there for the guests relations, and the job was extremely easy as the hostel is very quiet and chill. I was expecting maybe to learn something more about the reception tasks but it was okay. I had a good time and the place is central and nice.

8 meses atrás



It was my second time volunteering on this project and I had a very nice time.
The work in social media is chill and it is an ideal opportunity for calm people or also for digital nomads.
I also wanna highlight that the host was flexible and let me stay longer!

8 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


For my first Worldpackers experience, iSanook set the bar high! Running their social media was such a fun way to explore Bangkok while also sharing my adventures on Instagram. The host was so kind and even offered to extend my exchange! I volunteered just outside of busy season, so I wasn't able to meet a whole lot of travelers, but those I did meet joined in on some adventures around the city. I highly recommend working with iSanook for a seamless work exchange experience in Bangkok!

9 meses atrás

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