Japan Cat Network

CORONA UPDATE We are still open but are not currently accepting applications. Please be advised that Japans borders are closed to tourism at the moment. If you have lodging locally and would be interested in be a weekly local volunteer please email us. If you would be interested in out alternative program in Kyoto, please email us. We are a foreigner founded animal shelter and rescue in Japan. Our founders saw many cats that were strays-abandoned and unloved. They were sick, ill and struggling to survive. Through TNR (Trap, Neuter Return) they were able to drastically improve the lives of the cats in their area. It would have been so much easier with a support group adn so JCN was founded. We now are now a large support group with the motto "Helping people help animals". We stepped in to help the lost and orphaned animals of Fukushima left to fend for themselves in the exclusion zone. So many of those animals were rescued and adopted thanks to JCN and others. At the moment we continue to help others as they perform TNR in their area, or rescue the random cat or two from the streets in need. We guide these wonderful people in how to do what is best for the animal and what to look for in a furever home for them. As needed we take cats into our care at the shelter. In recent years we have has as many as 30 cats, 7 volunteers and 2 dogs living in our house in Fukushima (far from the exclusion zone). Now that we are in Tokyo we have maxed out at 20 cats, 5 volunteers and the same two sweet loving dogs.

The admin do not live in the house but we are in constant communication via Facebook messenger. Of the 5 admins only 2 live in Tokyo, 2 live in other areas of Japan and 1 even lives in Canada. As a whole all admin are easy to talk to and understanding of the difficulties of living and working at the shelter. We do ask that the care and needs of the animals be at the top of all volunteers priority list.

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