Kadir's Tree Houses

This is the most southern of Turkey, 90km from Antalya City, there is no traffic in this area, no building or structure ... only tree there any concrete houses and bungalows. Olympus has a very ancient mythological story, Zeus, Chimera is where an ancient mythological god Poseidon and live. Locals living in the area are very good, helpful and approachable. Olympus is the haunt of many intellectual people who love the simple life style preferred by the people, In the past this place was packed but it was modernized in hippie hippie, hippies come again, but do not recognize them by looking at the appearance.

We operate a tree house hotel in the area. Our hotel has 130 rooms. There are also camping in our area. We have very different departments. This ad is for the reception. Would you like to help us by working in reception? Do you want to make friends from hundreds of countries around the world? The idea of ​​having a real tree house just a 5-hour working day, how do you think? Show room for arriving guests at the reception, here are your main task is to tell them.


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This was my very first experience in Turkiye and i was absolutely blown away. Kadir s tree house is as chill as you can image one, its like a tropical heaven.

You will find the kindest workers ever in the best hostal in Olympos. They included me in they extracurricular activities (hiking, partying, kayaking), literally they brought me into their lives like one of their own.

I really enjoy every day of my experience. I couldn’t be more grateful. My sincerest thanks to mis hermanos: Tahsin & Agajan, you guys make me feel like at home. It was a pleasure.

I wish i could come back already!

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Mi experiencia en Kadir fue la más increíble de mi Vida , tener impacto con la naturaleza y personas tan increíbles fue genial , si eres un aventurero te recomiendo este lugar , la comida turca es muy buena , excelente locación volvería siempre a este lugar Antalya turkey extraño a mis PAPAZITOS Y MAMAZITAS

My experience in Kadir was the most incredible of my life, having an impact with nature and such incredible people was great, if you are an adventurer I recommend this place, the Turkish food is very good, excellent location I would always return to this place Antalya turkey

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The hotel is located in a very beautiful area with lots of places to visit. The host and the team of volunteers were extremely friendly and kind and Everything that we agreed upon was fulfilled. During my stay there were different activities I could join and there’s many routes for hikes and the beach is also near. Overall, I enjoyed my stay here and the only downside was that the meals are mostly vegetarian. I highly recommend this place.

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Kadir's is super unique and a great place to really immerse in Olympos. Olympos itself is a crazy beautiful place with so much to explore. The people that work at & visit Kadir's are wonderful, worldly, kind people. Downsides: I volunteered in the off season so when I had to work days, nights could be suuuper boring. Some of the attitudes around Kadir's about the ways men treat women can also be somewhat of an issue. As with many other volunteer positions, those in charge often forget you're working for no pay & expect a bit more than it's worth. Overall worthwhile, positive experience!

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I have so much fun here! The work was not difficult. I learn a little of Turkish and also to make some drinks at the bar ahah. The timetable was exactly as established at the beginning, which means that I had a bunch of time to explore the surroundings, to climb, to do canoeing, to ride a bike, take a lot of pictures, make art... everything I wanted.
The other workers and volunteers received me as a member of the family. I will miss them!

7 meses atrás

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