Kalgin Island

Come for a month to experience traditional Alaskan living on remote Kalgin Island which is 25 miles away from Kenai City by boat. There are no roads or stores on Kalgin Island, and you will be staying in a cabin overlooking the beach where a salmon stream flows into cook Inlet. Eagles, seabirds, ravens, and foxes frequent to Creek's mouth to feed, but there are no bears on Kalgin island. Because our wild friends rely on the creek, we cannot invite people who are traveling with dogs. You could learn how to fillet and smoke salmon and make caviar and collagen rich broths. And how to collect a herbal teas and seaweeds and to learn to work in a cold climate garden. Visiting opportunities range from May to September. In May and September there are opportunities to learn construction and gardening. In June, July, and August there are opportunities to experience commercial gill net salmon fishing and preparing fish. Living conditions are rugged but comfortable; outhouses are involved, and for bathing we use a wood fired sauna. Some people like to alternate between the sauna heat and plunging into the cold creek. You will live in a small cabin overlooking the beach and share meals in the main cabin. There are 4 cabins on our property, 2 of them are usually for occasional paying guests, and 1 cabin is dedicated to World-packer visitors. Everyone shares meals together in the main cabin. We don't have wifi; connection to the internet is available via phone down the beach or up the hill, but not in the cabins. For the experience on our island you need to be in a good physical condition. At times a commercial fishing day can involve long hours, if you choose to do that, but they are only two days a week. On other days you will have a lot of time for relaxing, for artistic endeavors, reading, writing, painting, photography, fishing and hiking. We are especially keen to have visitors who have digital story-telling skills and would like to share our natural sustainable lifestyle to the world. If you want to know what it is like to be on isolated wilderness beach camp designed for self-reliance, this is it. We are all here to commune and enjoy nature and each other. We hope to encourage experiences that build deep personal ties between people from all backgrounds connected through working and learning together in a natural setting. Welcome to Kalgin Island!

Kalgin Island is where I have built my personal Galt's Gulch. It is a kind of commune that is base on individual freedom, that includes David and Daiva, World-packer visitors, paying guests, and nature's residents. There is some business activity to keep the place going, some commercial fishing, and a few paying guests. At times is as goofy as Giligan's island. The main pursuit is to inspire and enrich each other's life.


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