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We believe that changing the world can only start by changing yourself. If you are not afraid of challenging experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone. And traveling, getting involved to people and projects from other places is one of the most paradigms breakers of all. If you are passionate about helping others and really want to be a change agent and contribute to the Global Sustainable Goals you are at the right place. -We are a small NGO based in southern Morocco who runs a project called "kids and family centre". since 2000 we stared hosting people from other countries through some social and traveling exchange platform , so we really like to meet people who are from different cultures... - If you want to share the life of local family in a region with year-round sunny weather, authentic Moroccan traditional food and fresh seasonal fruit bought locally , discover the mysteries of the desert, the souk, the Hammam and participate in local celebrations you are at the right place .People of all faiths and religions are welcome to come and join our family. All volunteers who are keen to make a difference in the children’s lives are welcome to come, no professional experience required. If you are interested in this remarkable opportunity for adventures and personal growth do not hesitate to contact us.

1- the town is clean and Calm and safe. Neighbors are friendly and respectful 2- highly motivated and willing to learn students. 3- the NGO staff have a great experience working with foreigners, most of them are teachers and will do the best they can to help you have an enjoyable,fun memorable traveling experience and volunteering too.

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My experience at kids and family learning center was amazing!
Omar is super kind and welcoming, making sure that everything went well while at the association.
The same can be said of everybody else that is involved (Ali, Hassanya, Abdul, Hanane...), thank you!
The classes are also very rewarding, all the kids are super interested and willing to learn.
One should not expect European like conditions, but there's nothing missing and the stay is comfortable :)
I wish the best of luck to you guys on keeping a wonderful association that helps lots of kids and thanks again for everything!

12 dias atrás


It was an amazing experience! Omar and Ali are attentive and receptive. Students are wonderful and interested in learning.
In Biougra I had an incredible experience, all welcomed me and with much love. I left a family and many friends.

1 mês atrás


It's a great experience for me! People were very nice to me. My host Omar were very kind and took me to his hometown. The scenery there was amazing!Thanks!At first, I thought I was going to teach Chinese or Chinese Painting there. But the students didn't understand what I said in English. Finally, I had to teach them English. It's kind of a challenge for me. But Iconquered it and my students they enjoyed it! There's something I didn't enjoy there :The conditions of the association was not as good as the other volunteers said. No private room, No French class for you, No bike, No laundry room……

2 meses atrás


The experience in the association was the best experience in my life. The work they do is incredible, everyone involved starting with the staff, the families, the kids and people of Biougra are amazing. The project of giving classes is wonderful, they make you feel welcomed though you have to be careful cause the little ones can steal your heart. Omar is one of the best people I've met in my life, from the first moment he made feel well and helped me as much as possible. Ali is like a brother to me I lived with him and we travelled together to amazing places. I'll never forget those moments.

4 meses atrás


Looking back to my time learning from the people I volunteer with there. If you are thinking of doing this project no hesitation. Wonderful community of creative youth enthusiastic learners. Bring any or all skills you have, they will be appreciated. Love and peace, gracias Omar, Ali see you next time.

5 meses atrás

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