Please only apply for this position if you have alot of experience handling horses. I don't smoke and unfortunately wouldn't want a smoker. The farm is in a quiet rural area so if you don't enjoy quiet then you won't like it here. i also have a few sheep and 2 cats. I practice Natural Horsemanship techniques. Most sports and activities are accessible locally so there's plenty to keep you occupied.

f you are willing to help you will need to be very experienced around horses as the horses are racehorses and they can be unpredictable and are very powerful. In return the horses give you lots of pleasure. I also travel the horses to Stud farms during the year so if you're happy to come along you will get a chance to see some very interesting places. I cannot however offer you horse riding on the farm as I don't ride the horses. The farm is about 4.5 miles from the town of Carrickmacross which has a great bus service to Dublin. Whatever places you'd like to visit I will help you get there and any hobbies or pastimes you enjoy I will encourage.

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