We love to have people around from other walks of life than our own. Having raised 7 children (who are now parents themselves) we enjoy the company of holistically inclined people from other areas of the world who help us widening our world view without leaving home. As we are very busy creating our holistic health centre, there are lots of creative and interesting tasks to be done that require a loving hand more than a special skill. (We do have building contractors for those jobs that need very special skills.) There is much to be learnt: anything about holistic medicine, organic gardening, vegetarian and vegan cooking and baking, building with natural materials (mainly wood, clay and rock from a local quarry), preparing firewood for heating in our own forest- and change the forest from a former pine plantation into a living forest of mixed native vegetation… collecting edible mushrooms and reading traces of wolves, finding crane and other rare birds and watch them. This is a place to reduce the speed of your life, if you wish to do so, very quiet, often birds are the only sounds to be heard- even the internet is quite slow (not so bad- as you can read this). You may spend your spare time in our garden chairs, have a swim in a local lake in a forest with the clearest water, ride a bike or hike across extended forests that stretch right beyond the village… or take a 40 minutes train ride into the famous city of Leipzig and enjoying history, architecture and the youngest, fastest growing city in Germany. You have your own nice guest room in a tradtional farmhouse style, facing East- so you can see the sun rise if you wish to do so.

We are not a community yet, so far we are just a couple who are changing a former farm yard into a holistic health centre. We do have helpers and guests regularly, sometimes also some of our 7 (grown- up) children and grandchildren are staying with us. Eva is a qualified midwife, nurse and yoga teacher of many years experience. She is about to open a women´s health centre and training in September 2020. Peter has been a veterinarian doctor and has worked as a homeopath for 25 years. He writes books on holistic health and teaches homeopathy to doctors and therapists. He co- founded the International Homeopathic College at Torgau in 2003 and taught in the very house where Samuel Hahnemann lived and worked 200 years earlier. As the centre is still work in progress there is only limited staff so far: Jana, our secretary for book keeping work and Maxim, who helps with cleaning and maintaining the buildings. As for the building work, we have hired contractors, but lots of little jobs need to be done by volunteers, from gardening to cleaning and decorating the newly- built rooms. With re-construction works we try to follow certain principles: 1. As we receive subsidies for listed buildings, we are supposed to do all the building work in traditional style (clay plastering, windows made of local wood, traditional carpentering and tiling and so forth). 2. We try to follow the rules of Feng Shui in order to improve the energy of rooms and the whole area, including the whole village. 3. We honor Mother Earth, former owners and builders by trying to re-use materials and parts from former times, if any possible as to create little waste. So we used wooden beams from a demolished roof to build a balcony, turned stone plates that we found in the garden, into new window sills and bought tradional, 150- years- old roof tiles from buildings that were to be demolished and had them put on our new roof. Old doors we try to re-fit into newly-built rooms. We used to have volunteers from WWOOF in former times, who we greatly enjoyed. As we are no professional organic farmers, WWOOF Germany does not have us as members any longer. Thus we are glad to be hosts for worldpackers now. Volunteers are part- time working guests who stay with us in the house in a separate room, are invited for (mainly vegetarian/ vegan) meals and are free to use the available bathrooms and sauna, spend time in the garden and are invited to help and learn with whatever we are doing-gardening, wood work, decorating etc. Part of the time they may be given jobs to do on their own, after precise instructions. We hope to have some good exchange about experiences in various fields of life- to be shared at our regular fires at night- in the summer in our garden, in the winter in our house. We assume that volunteers are responsible people, both towards themselves and us. We do not accept drug users. Smoking is only possible out of doors.

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