La Chacra

We are located on the virgin island of Solarte, surrounded by untouched rainforest and right on the Caribbean sea. Volunteers can explore the amazing jungle trails, take a dip in the sea right off our dock, take the kayak to the nearby reef, go fishing, snorkeling or explore the amazing jungle, and make new friends during to visit this magical island. We are located only 5 minutes by boat from the famous Red Frog Beach; or 40 minutes by kayak.  The island is mainly inhabited except for a few homes. There are many trails along the island where you can walk and explore, it's very safe; you will probably encounter no other human life! bring your compass :-)

We are a young family living in Panama for the past 5 years. Laura (36), Luca (11), Mia (8) and myself Emy (36), we also have one cat, two dogs,  and few chickens. Our vision for the future is to design and develop a Permaculture food forest and self-sustainable homestead while helping and teaching visitors valuable skills they can apply to their own lives. Additionally, we are building a small eco-lodge, with small huts, cabins and campsites.  Although we are still in the early stages of this lifelong project, we feel very optimistic about the great future that awaits us and we look forward to living a simpler more sustainable way of life surrounded and connected by nature.

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