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Fue una experiencia estar con Thierry en fleur de lys, fueron unos días increíbles que si o si los repetiría, Thierry es una super buena persona y te enseña todo lo que tienes que hacer, respeta mucho los horarios de trabajo y siempre se preocupa por tu comodidad

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The volunteer experience I had at Thierry's house was, for the most part good and full of learning. Thierry proved to be a very patient and welcoming person, contributing to making the stay pleasant, there are some points to improve, just like everyone else. The house is very beautiful, a good energy, especially with the presence of the pets, it was a cultural and nature immersion.
Regarding the tasks, schedules were well defined and Thierry showed that he was patient when teaching, but some tasks he wanted to be done in a hurry, this was a little challenging
A good experience overall, tks!!

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This is a beautiful place to come and enjoy nature and good people (also a very friendly dog and cat). Thierry is very gentle and the house is huge. He is also an excellent cook so every meal is better than the previous one. I would repeat this experience without hesitation. Au revoir!

6 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


The host told me he does not accept women or white Americans.
First hour, host told me he wouldn't hesitate to kick me out if I didn't have the right energy.
Told me that me he was a "naughty boy" multiple times and that his daughter used to have sex a lot in my bed.
I threw out meat that sat at room temp for 20hrs. He aggressively approached me and told me I was wasteful because I was a "fucking american".
He asked me to clean the walls of a bathroom covered in black mold. I told him that I wasn't comfortable doing that and he kicked me out later that night.Msg me if you have questions.

8 meses atrás

Thierry respondeu

I have been used to welcoming helpers for 6 years mainly on the Helpx site , It’s a wonderful experience shared with the helpers, in fact I have 25 comments with 5 stars!

I discovered worldpacker 5 months ago...
It can happen that the meeting between two people in life is a mistake... and that the difference in mother tongue and culture can lead to confusion.
On the other hand, I do not accept defamation and lies, i would like to adjust certain details:
The day after Marcus' arrival, I offered to go shopping and at the same time visit the surrounding area, he declined the invitation.
I joked that the bed had lived through my daughter's entire adolescence...
we had a barbecue in the evening and the sausages were very cooked, Marcus put them in the trash 8 hours later in the morning...(not 20hours)
I cleaned the bathroom myself with bleach and as Marcus was not motivated to do the work requested I asked him to leave the next day (and not during the night!!)
I accompanied him with my car to my best friend's house so that he could have fun before leaving our area....



Fue mi primer voluntariado y ha sido la mejor experiencia, compartí mucho con Thierry y sus amigos, salimos a fiestas y a conocer lugares, en cuanto al trabajo, el te enseña si no sabes y siempre es correcto con los horarios, luego del trabajo puedes practicar con cualquiera de sus instrumentos musicales y por supuesto el Jam con Thierry siempre es divertido.
Lo mejor es que te enseña francés si quieres aprender..
Merci Thierry
Au revoir

11 meses atrás