La Hacienda Cathostel

If you love and know animals specialy cats than this is the place (shelter) for you. I have 25 adopted cats, all in good condition, sterile and no flees. I also have 2 dogs, horses and chickens here at the property all of them where once "thrown away animals" yes also the horses. The cats are the most difficult to take care of as they live more are less in 4 groups but can mixe up. 2 cats live in an other house here on the land around the main house an other shy cat has her own room where she can go in and out whenever she wants. If you are interested I will explain more about the care taking. Beside work we have beautiful beaches here and the nearest beach is at 10 minutes walking from the house. This is a place for nature lovers as it is quiet and peaceful (as long as the cats behave well). Town is at a 30 minute walk along the ocean where you can find little supermarkets (so they call themselves), restaurants, bars etc.

The hostel (cat hostel now) is owned by me Karin (Belgium) who has lived in Las Galeras for almost 20 years. I have 9 horses and does customized educational horse trips for small groups. The hostel is a big house with dorm rooms and two private rooms, myself I live on the second floor. The hostel can be very busy in winter and very calm in summer when it is hot here. The hostel works in order to maintain a lot of rescued animals 40 heads in total. 9 horses, 2 dogs, 4 chickens and 25 cats which are all steriel and in good health now.

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