La Rocca Dell'Alcantara Park

Healing Village Three parks Strategic point between volcano Etna, Taormina town and Alcantara river, Nebrodi Park. (Ancient entrance for all the ships). Destination of beauty and well-being, Day retreat of body mind and spirit. Energetic vortex. Ideal place for: Spiritual Retreats, Meditation, Yoga, music concerts, vibrations and frequencies for the chakras, camping, lunch and dinner, vegan and vegetarian, excursions, meetings, events and workshops. At the foot of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, Randazzo is historic and medieval cities, Rich in monuments and churches. Immersed in the beauty of the three most beautiful parks in eastern Sicily, Etna Park Nebrodi Alcantara River and Valley.

Volunteers can do benefit, for the help of my structure. We have both lead busy, active, interesting lives and now appreciate the chance to host and meet guests from around the world, who can also assist in day to day jobs at our property. On some occasions we may ask you to stay in the Main House, the room is shared with me. You will have your own single bed, shared bathroom, the whole room and divided by wooden partitions. The room can accommodate up to 3 people. We will share our meal together (breakfast). The kitchen is shared with other guests and tourists of the structure, it is recommended to leave everything clean. I am EMILIO, and I'm building a home restoration (traditional ethnic construction) stone, wood, recycled materials in the Etna Volcano Randazzo City. I get the family house back, with the land around since 3 years now and try to be self-sufficient more as possible. So I intend to use permaculture, self-construction, ecological attitude of life and eventually energy and nutritive self-production. Daily, I would like to use less money and favour handmade and swap. But my real goal is to make the house to a collective independent living place with 5 or 6 other persons and to open it an a learning and knowledge share centre around ecological way of life.

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