Lao School Volunteer Project

Our project is an Non Profit project we need you help to teach English class to local kids at Donkhong Islands in southern Laos for free we are supported 51 kids to go to English class after School so they can come to our class

We are Sabaidee restaurant in Donkhong once of the biggest Island in 4000 islands area we supported local kids to study English class in the Evening after their school

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Its incredible what Khamla has achieved in a short time. I wish him luck and I wish many more volunteers would come to contribute. I enjoyed my stay and wish I could stay longer .

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Wonderful project! The week on Don Khong island will be forever in my heart. If you're in doubt, don't think twice, just go!
We've made a video showing what's the project like. Check it out on facebook: bamboo school project laos.

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