Life Support For Change Mbuguni Arusha

Volunteers will experience Tanzania traditional life and they will also learn a lot of things and they will enjoy in our village, hopefully they will wish to be back again in Mbuguni -Tanzania.

My name is Miriam Oscar Kaaya ,I was born and grew up in a small village called Mikungani in Mbuguni ward , Meru district in Arusha region ,in a community where education is not given priority to all children . Life support for change is the realization of my Life dream to help, care and support the Life of orphans and most vulnerable children in rural communities My desire to care ,help and support the life of orphans and most vulnerable children started when I was a young girl .I witnessed how poor children where suffering by being forced to work in the mining centers ,looking after cattle and selling fruits and food near to the mining centers .they were not allowed to go to school like other children and this is due to poverty ,Despite the fact that these activities have been done by children but it has the negative effects in children lives and it is continuously in daily life ,Death to children whose engaged in mining activities under 18 years old ,Early pregnancies and Sexual transmitted diseases for young girls who are forced to sell food and fruits near to the mining centers where they engage in sexual relations also School dropout due to poverty and lack of education for parents on the importance of education on their children lives . I felt in my heart that all the suffering of children should be taken into consideration but yet nobody cared about them because of this situation I promised my heart that if I will finish my studies and get job I will not live to see children suffer ,I keep a promise to study hard and later to use my knowledge to support the life of Most vulnerable children .Therefore after being helped by my parents and relatives in my education journey finally in 2012 I completed my social studies, I realized that is the best time to work on my life dream by support and help the Most vulnerable children to achieve their Life dream. We are working hard to ensure we support the Life of orphans and Most vulnerable children in rural areas where education is not looking as a priority to all children, especially children who come from very poor families. Am happy to welcome all people around the world to join Life Support For Change to help and support the Life of Orphans and Most vulnerable children and women to achieve their Life Dream. Karibu sana /Your most welcome. Miss Miriam Oscar Kaaya . Founder & Executive Director Life Support For Change .

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